Is smoking a turn off?

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Phone/Text Messages


If you call the Quitline they can give you information, advice, counselling and support to help you quit. Many people find quitting smoking difficult but with the support of the friendly people on the Quitline, which can even include a call-back service to help you along the way, the likelihood of quitting for good is increased significantly. It’s the cost of a local call. If you are calling from a mobile you can give Quitline a quick call and ask them to call you back.
13 QUIT (13 7848)
My QuitBuddy
The Quit Now: My Quit Buddy is a personalised interactive app which includes:
  • quit tips
  • daily motivational messages
  • a countdown to quitting reminders
  • a record of your goals in picture, words or audio jmessages
  • a panic button when experiencing cravings that provides a range of distractions including a game
  • you can also call the Quitline 13 7848 or a buddy from the app or post a note on the community board
The app keeps a record of days, hours and minutes you are smoke free and tells you how many milligrams of tar has been avoided, number of cigaretts not smoked and how much money you have saved.
My QuitBuddy is free to download on iPhone, iPad and Android phones, to insall visit iTunes online store or Google Play store